June Blooming Perennials

If you are like many of us, you look at your garden with  great satisfaction in June. We accomplished a lot over the past few months! We cleaned up the winter debris. Planted vegetables in abundance and even harvested our first crops. Our containers are brimming with colorful annuals!  Bulbs, fruit trees and shrubs carried us through the spring colorfully while we did our work. Unfortunately, in June the spring color faded away leaving us wishing for more color in our gardens and landscapes. Perennials are the perfect solution to our color woes for so many reasons. They are an investment that pays back year after year with very little care and most transplant well after it’s too late to plant vegetables and herbs. Because I’ve been gardening in the Pacific Northwest for over ten years, I have succeeded and failed with many perennials here. These are just a few of the best June blooming perennials that I have grown or seen growing in Whatcom and Skagit counties.

Short June Blooming Perennials:

  • Geranium ‘Rozanne’ – Blooms June through October with an incredibly wide spread and vigorous habit that competes well with weeds. Rozanne can grow tall and wide or stay small depending on the location.
  • Arenaria – Fits perfectly in the landscape in a tidy little mound.
  • Saponaria ocymoides – Pink blooms on large mounds in May and June. Vernalization required for flowers, so patience helps.
  • Campanula Blue Waterfall – Flowers June through September in the ground or in a container garden.
  • Geranium Orkney Cherry – Tender perennial with dark foliage and pink flowers. The first year was the most interesting year. It grew tall and skinny, like a Thuja. After three years in my Bellingham garden, Orkney Cherry grows in a short mound.
Geranium Rozanne
Geranium ‘Rozanne’ with Spiraea Magic Carpet
Geranium Orkney Cherry
Geranium Orkney Cherry
Saponaria and Aquilegia
Saponaria and Aquilegia

Medium Height June Blooming Perennials:

  • Heuchera ‘Raspberry Ice’ – Pink blooms begin in May and last through June. Cut off spent flowers for a rebloom. Though this Heuchera is an older variety, it is still one of the best performers out there because of the fantastic foliage and attractive flowers that last a long time.
  • Primula viali – One of the most unique perennial flowers  and grows well in the sun or shade.
  • Penstemon Red Riding Hood – Gives a fantastic show of bright red flowers in May and June.
  • Lavender -Low maintenance woody perennial with lavender flowers beginning in June and lasting through August. Cut back the top one-third of the plant after flowering to encourage a tidy habit.
  • Dianthus First Love ® – Shades of pink and white adorn this taller-than-your-average-Dianthus April through September.
Lavender Munstead
Lavender Munstead
Penstemon Red Riding Hood
Penstemon Red Riding Hood
Campanula ‘Sarastro’
Primula vialli
Primula vialli

Tall June Blooming Perennials:

  • Leucanthemum ‘Becky’ – This Shasta Daisy grows much taller than the others and blooms on very strong stems May through August. No need to stake ‘Becky’ even though it can grow nearly four feet tall.
  • Penstemon Husker Red & ‘Pocahontas’ – Dark foliage grows tall in the spring when flowering. After blooms fade, the stems can be cut back leaving a cute little burgundy mound. White flowers top ‘Husker Red’ while lavender flowers top the newer variety ‘Pocahontas’.
  • Delphinium – Most Delphinium will bloom in June and re-bloom if you cut them back.
  • Campanula medium and Cup and Saucers – These Campanula are biennials not perennial. They will reseed or you can collect the seed to start indoors and plant them exactly where you want them in your garden the following year. They are a little more maintenance than a perennial, but well worth it! I wrote about them in my last post at cheetahgarden.com/campanula-medium/
Penstemon Pocahontas
Penstemon ‘Pocahontas’
Campanula medium
Campanula medium after flowers were harvested for bouquets