Calibrachoa RED FOX Hula Orange

Every season it seems that I manage to plant at least one ugly basket. I shake my head wondering “what did I do wrong”? Luckily plants like Calibrachoa RED FOX Hula Orange gives me back my confidence!

Calibrachoa Hula Orange Flowers

No matter what I do with it, this┬áCalibrachoa is fabulous! As a matter of fact, it triggers a good mood for me, actually causing my happiness meter to skyrocket. With scrumptious bi-colored flowers meandering in all the right directions Calibrachoa Hula Orange easily prevailed over the other varieties I planted this season. If you think it’s because of the unique color patterns, you’re reading my mind.

Calibrachoa Hula Orange Up Close

Gaining status in horticultural circles for it’s mounding and partially trailing habit, Calibrachoa Hula Orange is anything but wall flower status. It interacts well with other plants, rescuing the oh-so-boring combos and because of the lovely habit and dramatic colors, anyone can easily coordinate with it.

Mixed Annual Basked
Calibrachoa Hula Orange In Mixed Basket

For those who like to keep things simple, plant Calibrachoa Hula Orange alone for a pleasant surprise.

Calibrachoa Hula Orange
Calibrachoa Hula Orange In Terra Cotta Container

Non-stop flowers from the day you bring it home means no waiting around for it to make a dramatic impact either. Next I can’t wait to try the new Calibrachoa in D├╝mmen’s Series RED FOX Hula Soft Pink. With a Lavender Hoop around a violet center and a yellow throat, it’s sure to please even the pickiest gardeners.