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Cheetah Garden Design

I am a horticulturist living in the Pacific Northwest, where people garden, a lot! My two best friends are my shovel and my camera. I’m not sure if I like gardening more or writing about it, but if I had to pick between the two, I would probably break up with both.

Yes, I have a specialty . . . ornamental landscapes utilizing edibles and container gardening. I love to share my knowledge with others. I believe everyone can have a beautiful garden design and a wonderful outdoor living space. Your outdoor lifestyle can improve! I use the most up to date horticultural practices that offer a positive impact on the environment.

Gardening in the ground and in containers

Landscape, container and garden design

Focusing on landscape plants that work. Tips and advice for dealing with difficult spaces.  Incorporating vegetables and herbs while preserving aesthetics. New hybrids. Tried and true varieties. Natives species. Drought tolerant plants. Wetland plants. Container gardens. Affordable curb appeal!

Just dreaming of healthier landscape

Guidance starting with pest and plant identification to pinpoint solutions to common landscape and garden problems. Beneficial insects and biological products to create a healthy, sustainable lawn and garden.

Inspiration for creating your own container garden designs

Check out the Cheetah Garden Blog featuring great combinations and new plant varieties you can try; includes photos.

Harvesting and recipes

Sharing ideas for cooking with veggies and herbs from the garden.